Making your dentist visit Gud
Making your dentist visit Gud

When we set out to start A Gud Dentist we decided early on that our differentiator from other dental practices in North Texas would be our best asset; our personal work ethic and commitments. Some dentists might be driven by some other principles but we always wanted to perform dental work while enjoying ourselves and our patients. As we have gone through the process of building out our offices and building our business the guiding light was the eventual service to our patients and getting to know them and hopefully seeing them on a regular basis.

The foundation of all dental services

We follow the ADA Principles of Ethics and Code of Conduct set forward by the American Dental Association. These include the following:

Patient Autonomy

The patient is the epicenter of everything we do and is who we serve. Your needs and health are the only true consideration of any dentist. All procedures, tests, cleanings, and recommendations must all reflect your dental health.

Do Good

Well, this is something we’re GUD at (puns too, obviously!). Thankfully, however, we have really truly internalized this pillar. Our whole hope is that we make our patients’ lives better through our dental skills as well as our commitment to being the friendliest and approachable dentist in the North Texas area.

Do No Harm

Believe it or not, this has to be said and committed to. But in the ways that you may not realize some dentists may not observe this. For example, we will never recommend a procedure or service that is not going to improve your dental health. Our commitment to you is that we will never do harm by breaking your trust in us to always prioritize your health needs.


We support the above pillars by committing to truthfulness in both our chair side procedures and in our health discussions. This will always extend through our internal administration and billing practices as well. Truthfulness will be tool we use to build the community trust we aspire to achieve.


Even through supporting our patients and conducting ourselves with integrity and truthfulness we must comit to being fair with our patients during the daily and unforseen circumstances we may find ourselves in. It is our commitment to you to always be fair in all interactions.

By sticking to these principles of ethics and code of conduct we will make your dental visits better, more enjoyable, and more effective. We truly do commit to providing the best dental services in North Texas by internalizing and putting into practice all these items.


Proudly a part of your Frisco, Texas family in 2020 and beyond. We look forward to meeting you. Fill out the form to be notified when you can come in for your first visit!






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