Sanitation Efforts In Our Practice
Sanitation Efforts In Our Practice

North Texans are looking forward to getting back to normal life after COVID-19 is no longer requiring quarantining and lockdowns. That includes dental offices like ourselves. But even when we are told to go back to work and proceed we understand (and expect) people will not go anywhere they do not think is putting in the extra effort to keep them safe. That is why we have decided to educate our patients as much as possible as to what A Gud Dentist is doing for them and how we have taken sanitation and hygiene safety extra seriously from the ground up.

Below we are list some of the things that we are doing, or have done in building out our dental office, in regards to safety and hygiene to prevent spread of all diseases including COVID19.

  • Sterilization : state of the art sterilization equipment Infection control : we strictly follow CDC guidelines
  • Cross Contamination: To prevent cross contamination, most of our dental instruments and tools are single use only
  • Dental Chair Water : filtered , sterilized/hyper-filtered and purified ( 3 stage process ) before that water enters our patients’ mouth during dental procedures.
  • Stage 1: City water is filtered before it gets into our plumbing
  • Stage 2: filtered city water is hyper filtered in our sterilization room Stage 3: hyper filtered water is purified at the chair side bottle before it is used

In spite of all the steps we’ve taken and the efforts we continue to make we encourage you to call us and ask us your specific questions that you feel will keep you and your family as safe as possible. Your safety and peace of mind is our priority so that we can focus on delivering the best dental services in North Texas.


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