Dentist whitening is safer and more effective than over the counter options.


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Whiteness or brightness of teeth can depend on coffee, wine or other food habits which are called as extrinsic stains. These can be removed relatively with whitening procedures like at-home whitening trays or for immediate results at our office for a very cosmetic look of your front teeth. Teeth whitening are safer when done right under your dentist’s supervision.For enhanced and better look we can provide you with more advanced options to teeth whitening like Lumineers, traditional veneers or emax crowns if you have pre-existing dental work on your front teeth and not happy with its cosmetic look.

Long Lasting

For teeth that need more than whitening trays we are able to provide a variety of treatments that fit your needs.


We give our patients advice on how to make the best of their teeth whitening to make sure their teeth stay whiter longer.

Do you need to make an appointment for whitening?

If you answer YES to any of the questions below, you should call us to schedule an appointment:

  • Do you feel like your teeth are permanently stained?
  • Have you been using at home treatments with no effect?
  • Are you reluctant to try it yourself?

What to expect during a whitening consultation

Our patient focused approach to General Dentistry means your experience at A Gud Dentist, PLLC will be enjoyable.


Sometimes teeth whitening is purely cosmetic and elective. We will advise the patient on the risks and possible effects of all the different whitening procedures.

At Home Directions

If we recommend at home treatment you will be sure to have all the knowledge and instructions you need to do it safely and effectively.

Advanced Whitening

For teeth are deeply stained and permanently discolored we can discuss the options like veneers or other more intense treatment options.

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